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School Council & JRSO


Junior Road Safety Officers.



Our role in the school is to help people stay safe on the pavements and roads around the school. 


We have noticed that there are many issues on the roads around the school: 


  • Parking on the road whilst the engine is still on (idling) 
  • Parking on the pavement and blocking the path for pedestrians 
  • Driving too fast along Bridewell Lane 


We were very shocked when we heard that there have been some people speaking harshly to the residents around the school when they ask drivers not to park on the pavement. 


All of us at the school would like to ask you parents and carers to think about all of the children’s safety as road users and pedestrians. 


  • Please do not leave your engine running causing pollution. 
  • Avoid parking on the pavements. 
  • Use polite words to our neighbours. 
  • Drive within the safe speed limit and watch out for pedestrians 


Parents and carers if you have any tips as to how we can improve road safety around the school please let us know. Thank you for your vital support in making these improvements. Please check with your child as they will be bringing home news about an exciting competition! 


With your help we can make travel to and from school much much safer.