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Our Staff- 2023/2024

Mr Matthews

Deputy Headteacher & SENCO
Mrs Thompson

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENCO)
Mrs Atwell

Designated Safeguarding Leads
Mr Matthews
Mrs Thompson
Mrs Guy

Hedgehog Class (Early Years)

Teacher: Mrs Hewett (Mon, Weds, Thurs)
Teacher: Mrs Viniski (Tues, Fri)
Teaching Assistant: Miss Taylor 

Squirrel Class (Early Years)

Teacher: Mr Yaxley-Griffiths
Teaching Assistants: Miss Edwards & Mrs Gutierrez

Owl Class (Year 1)

Teacher: Miss Lavery
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Easdown

Badger Class (Year 1)

Teacher: Miss Allen (Mon, Tues,Weds)
Teacher: Mrs DiBlasio (Thurs, Fri)
Teaching Assistant: Miss Langley/Miss Hay

Caterpillar Class (Year 2)

Teacher: Miss Hailstone
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rinaldi

Bumblebee Class (Year 2)

Teacher: Mrs Austin (Mon, Tues, Weds)
Teacher: Mrs May (Weds, Thurs, Fri)
Teaching Assistant: Mrs White, Miss Edwards & Miss Sharman

Dolphin Class (Year 3)

Teacher: Mrs Robinson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Streetley

Seal Class (Year 3)

Teacher: Mr Mashford
Teaching Assistant: Miss Johnson

Polar Bear Class (Year 4)

Teacher: Mr Peters
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Howarth

Penguin Class (Year 4)

Teacher: Mrs Simon
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bainbridge

Leopard (Year 5)

Teacher: Miss Spencer
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kaur-Clement and Mrs Yarrow

Lion (Year 5)

Teacher: Mrs Arrow 
Teaching Assistant: Miss Hazell

Jaguar (Year 6)

Teacher: Mrs Taylor
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nicholson & Miss Covill

Panther (Year 6)

Teacher: Mrs Reynolds
Teaching Assistant: Mrs May

School Office Manager

Mrs Hubbard

Attendance Officer

Mrs Guy

Receptionist and Admin Assistant

Mrs Wilson

Midday Supervisors

Mrs May (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Miss Bickers

Mrs Howarth

Mrs Oot

Mrs Waterson

Miss Fitzgerald-Baker

Miss Johnson

Mrs Streetley

Miss Nunn

Head of Kitchen

Mrs Eley

Site Manager


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Halliday

Mr Parsons

Mrs Eley

The Mix (Before and After School Care)

Miss Bickers (Play Leader)

Mrs Richards

Mrs Waterson

Mrs Streetley

Miss May

Miss Shaves