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Children at our school are all involved in dance within the curriculum. All year groups work on a unit of dance per year.  In Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) classes work on at least two units of dance per year.

Year 1 'Loon on the Moon'

Royal Ballet Primary Steps
Since 2007 we have been working with the Royal Ballet School as part of their Primary Steps Programme to spot gifted children who may have the potential to excel at ballet and to allow children who would not normally access ballet training to be given the opportunity.

This has involved the Year 3 staff and the PE subject leader, to be trained at the Royal Ballet in Floral Street, Covent Garden, on how to support the ballet teacher in identifying children with a talent in ballet. 

The Royal Ballet sends dance teachers to work with the Year 3 classes, who have a 1 ¼ hour lesson every week for 6 weeks during the Autumn term.  At the end of the block, the children perform to their parents to show them what they have learnt.  The ballet teachers select six to eight children who then go on for a further audition with other children in the area.  From this group, children are selected to receive free ballet tuition for two years.

Since the scheme began, we have had eighteen children who have received this tuition, and indeed three children from our school are now performing with the Royal Ballet in White Lodge.

Royal Ballet sessions with Year 3