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Our Staff



Mrs Lorraine Ratcliffe


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Steele


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Lorraine Ratcliffe

Mrs K Steele

Mrs Y Guy


Early Years

Hedgehog Class 

Miss L McCloskey


Squirrel Class 

Mrs E Fisher


Teaching Assistants

Mrs A White

Mrs A Page



 Year One

Owl Class 

Mrs T Docking (Mon, Tue & Wed)

Mrs R Cole (Thu & Fri)


Badger Class 

Mrs D Vickerage


Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Edwards

Mrs S Rinaldi


Year Two

Caterpillar Class 

Miss E Allen


Bumblebee Class 

Mrs R Austin (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mrs C Atwell (Thurs, Fri)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Easdown

Mrs Hammond




Year 3


Miss A Rowton


Seal Class

Mrs E Di Blasio (Mon & Tues)

Mrs W Ashley (Wed, Thu & Fri)


Teaching Assistants

Miss D Hazell

Mrs M Streetley





 Year 4

Polar Bear Class 

Mrs C Dunne (Mon,Tues,Wed)

Mrs K Steele (Thurs,Fri) 


Penguin Class 

Miss A Spencer


Teaching Assistants

Mrs T Bainbridge

Mrs D Collins



 Year 5

Lion Class 

Mr C Peters


Leopard Class

Mrs A Cumming


Teaching Assistants

Miss M Warnock

Mrs L May





 Year 6


Jaguar Class

 Mr J Weller

Panther Class

 Miss S Allen


Teaching Assistants

Mrs K May 

Mrs R Haindl

Mrs J Tooley




Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO)Mrs C Sutton-Reid  (Wed/Thur)
SEN Provision LeadMrs E Sloman (Mon - Thur)

School Office Manager

Mrs L Glasswell                

Attendance OfficerMrs Y Guy
Receptionist & Admin AssistantMrs A Wilson
All members of office staff are happy to take queries from parents and members of the wider public.



Midday Supervisors

Mrs K May

(Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs M Bickers

Mrs D Howarth

Mrs S Waterson
Miss B Fitzgerald-Baker
Miss C Davies
Miss M Streetley

Mrs P Kaur-Clement

Mrs C Oot

Miss M Johnson
Mrs E Tayler


Head of Kitchen

Mrs S Conaty



Mrs S Halliday

Mr J Parsons