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Ethos & Values

Ethos and Values


We acknowledge the importance of a positive relationship between home and school in order to provide the very best educational development for all the children in our care. We therefore encourage parents to take an active role in the life of the school and particularly in supporting the educational development of the children.

We appreciate working in partnership with parents as we recognise that parental support is vital in promoting children's achievements. We organise three formal Parent-Teacher consultations over the academic year, at the beginning of each term to look at what we will be focusing on as we learn over the term.

An annual report for every pupil is given to parents in July.

We send a letter to each family at the beginning of the term to inform you what your child will be learning and how you could support them. We also publish our full curriculum here on our website.

Once you are a member of the school community you will be invited to join Class Dojo. An encrypted and private site; this gives you access to your child’s work and homework and an opportunity to communicate directly with your class teacher.

We are pleased to meet with parents at other times as appropriate - parents should contact the school office to make an appointment to meet with their child's class teacher. Teachers are in the playground at the end of every school day and are pleased to meet with parents on an informal basis.

Our school has community values and learning values. These are shared through assemblies as well as day to day in our conversations, learning and policies. Our children understand that these values are important to our community and help to ensure our school remains a vibrant and happy place to learn.


Our Community values are shared through our vision;

The Joy of Creating Endless Possibilities, through;





The Joy of creating endless possibilities through KINDNESS, INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, ENDEAVOUR.

Staff and children show these values in the way they speak and interact with each other.


While we may not be everybody’s friend, we are friendly to everyone. We treat everyone with care.  We are generous with our words and our time. We don’t say things about other people that are not true or join in with gossip. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We think about how our actions might impact on other people.


We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We are respectful of others and their differences. We show our pride in our community by acting correctly. We follow the rules and expectations of the class and school. We are a good role model to others.

We are honest, speaking with care so that we do not spread unkind rumours or say things which may hurt other people’s feelings.

We do not take things that are not ours to take.


We try to understand how other people might be feeling? We know that people and animals have feelings and to try not to do things which might hurt them or their feelings.

We make time to find out about other people, in school, in other schools and around the world. 

We learn about our special planet and how to protect it and everything on it by making better choices.


We use our Learning Zoo to help us learn. We try really hard in order to achieve our goals.

We make an effort and aim high. We try hard, even when things are difficult.

We do not give up easily, even if things are difficult. We persevere and keep going.


Our Learning Values are shared through our Learning Zoo. Each animal has characteristics which help us to learn as we follow their example.

Collaborating Cat




Collaboration is important. We can all learn from each other. We can problem solve together. When we explain something to someone else it helps us to understand it better. When we edit our work together we can improve even further.

To collaborate we have to be good listeners. We must try not to speak over others. We value other people’s opinions even when we don’t agree with them.

Successful Snow Leopard

We talk about and think about our learning. We think about what we already know about something and what we can use from other things we might know. We make links with new and old learning. We think about what we still need to know and how we might do that. We use things in the classroom to help us, like word cards, toolkits, learning walls. We don’t let others do our thinking for us.

Resilient Rabbit

We know that making mistakes is good for us. We use our own and others amazing mistakes to help us understand our own learning.

We don’t give us when something is difficult, we persevere. We concentrate on what we are doing, we have a go. We are resilient. 

Responsible Racoon

We are responsible for ourselves and what we do. We set ourselves challenges. We work to be the best that we can be, aiming high. We avoid distractions and distracting others from their work. We don’t worry about getting things wrong or making mistakes.

Learning Pit Lizard

We believe in ourselves. We know that we can sometimes be worried or anxious about new things. We know that by diving into the learning pit and having a go, we can work things out and find answers. When we achieve something we can then help others. We work hard. We value respect ourselves and others. We celebrate when others succeed, because we can all be great.