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Drama & Role Play

At Guildhall Feoffment Primary School we use drama as a valuable learning tool. Drama and role play are used within various subjects, such as English and History, to help children gain a deeper understanding of the topics that they are studying, such as WWII and Victorian studies.

Picture 1 Early Years children learn though role play
Picture 2 WWII party
Picture 3 Victorian studies


Pupils are given opportunities to enjoy performing in plays and concerts throughout the year.
Early Years children perform a Nativity play at Christmas for their parents, Year 1 take part in a nativity tableau at St Mary's Church as part of our annual carol service, and Year 2 children have put on Christmas productions including ‘Born in a Barn’ (2014) and ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ (2015).

Key Stage Two have produced several successful plays including 'Hoodwinked' (2013), 'Timelord' (2014) and ‘Porridge’ (2017).

Visiting Companies

As well as having the opportunity to perform themselves pupils are able to be audience members when outside agencies come to perform for us in school:


  • We invite educational companies such as ‘History Off the Page’ in to school to allow pupils to handle artefacts and to help them to imagine what it might have been like to live in the past.


  • 'Open the Book' are a multi church organisation who come to school fortnightly to perform exciting Bible stories to Key Stage One.  These performances form part of our assembly.  The children love listening to the stories, especially when individuals are asked to participate.


  • Every Christmas Year 1-4 are treated to a Pantomime. This is usually funded by the Friends of the Feoffment and in recent years has been performed by the .............


  • Students from West Suffolk College sometimes come to school to perform for and work with us. Most recently, they performed Hamlet for our Year 6 students. 
Picture 1 West Suffolk College perform for us
Picture 2 Open the Book
Picture 3 Pantomime

Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds


Once Upon a Festival

We take part in Theatre Royal’s annual ‘Once Upon a Festival’

Pupils in all year groups have had the opportunity to watch a performance in school, such as when The Pied Piper Theatre Company performed their show ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ to Early Years and Year 1 and 2. It was a fantastic event with lots of audience participation and a chance to interview the actors afterwards. Children in Year 1 and 2 visited the Theatre Royal to participate in a follow-up workshop, including an opportunity to perform on the stage with lighting and sound effects.

Picture 1 Performance of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'
Picture 2 Follow up workshops at Theatre Royal
Picture 3

Junk Orchestra
Pupils in Key Stage 2 enjoyed a ‘Junk Orchestra’ performance, exploring story-telling through music and recycling. Follow-up workshops with the Theatre Royal allowed the children to respond to the performance and create some drama of their own.


Drama Club
We run an after school drama club in collaboration with Theatre Royal, alternating year groups per term. Most recently, the Year 5 & 6 students performed A Christmas Carol which they has been working on for 6 weeks running up to the end of Autumn term.

Picture 1 Year 5 & 6 perform A Christmas Carol
Picture 2
Picture 3