Guildhall Feoffment

Bridewell Lane,
Bury St. Edmunds,
Suffolk, IP33 1RE.

Tel: 01284 754840


Our Values & Ethos



At Guildhall Feoffment staff and governors have high expectation that all pupils will develop their full potential in all aspects of their school life.  We believe in teaching and nurturing our children to develop their academic skills, their self-esteem and their independence, to enable them to make valuable contributions to the community.

Our pupils are supported in their endeavours by our Golden Rules:


Do be gentle - do not hurt anybody

Do be kind and helpful - do not hurt people's feelings

Do work hard - do not waste your or other people's time

Do not waste or damage things

Do listen to people - do not interrupt

Do be honest - do not cover up the truth


The Golden Rules can be seen as our "values". Our values are promoted and put into action throughout our school community.  They are used to determine what happens at Guildhall Feoffment.  In this way our values become the "ethos" of the school.

Sue Herriott