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At Guildhall Feoffment Primary School we use drama as a valuable learning tool.

dressing upIn Early Years children have the opportunity to learn through taking on different roles as they investigate the world around them.

Themed role play areas support topics in Year 1.

Drama and role play are used in English lessons to help to bring stories to life. Some popular techniques include hot-seating and freeze-framing. In a hot-seating activity, a child pretends to be a character from a story. The other children ask questions about how the character feels or what they might do next. This helps children with comprehension skills and encourages them to stretch their imaginations. Freeze-framing involves recreating a scene from a story, usually just before a dramatic event. Children decide who they are going to be and act in character until the teacher says ‘Freeze!’ The children all stop and let their faces and bodies show how they are reacting to the event. Follow up work could involve ‘interviewing’ witnesses to the event and might then lead to writing a newspaper style report.

ww2 party
Drama and role play can also be used to help children gain a deeper understanding of topics that they are studying; for example taking part in a WWII Christmas Party for evacuees (Year 4)

vic saeside day

or recreating a trip to a Victorian pier (Year 2).

We invite educational companies such as ‘History Off the Page’ in to school to allow pupils to handle artefacts and to help them to imagine what it might have been like to live in the past.

open the book

'Open the Book' are a multi church organisation who come to school fortnightly to perform exciting Bible stories to Key Stage One.  These performances form part of our assembly.  The children love listening to the stories, especially when individuals are asked to participate, which they do with enthusiasm.



Pupils are given opportunities to enjoy performing in plays and concerts.


Early Years children perform a Nativity play at Christmas for their parents.

Year 1 take part in a nativity tableau at St Mary's Church as part of our annual carol service.

Year 2 children have put on Christmas productions including ‘Born in a Barn’ (2014) and ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ (2015).

Key Stage Two have produced several successful plays including 'Hoodwinked' (2013), 'Timelord' (2014),


‘Ye Ha!’ (2015) and most recently Year 5 and 6 children worked together to perform ‘Porridge’ in 2017.

Please click here to see photos of 'Porridge'


We are thrilled that the drama studio in our new building is now available for use and are planning for more performance opportunities in 2017-18.




As well as having the opportunity to perform themselves pupils are able to be audience members when outside agencies come to perform for us in school.  

Every Christmas Year 1-4 are treated to a Panto.  This is usually funded by the Friends of the Feoffment and in recent years has been performed by the West Midlands Theatre Company.

Click here for some pictures of the Panto in 2014 'Sinbad the Jolly Sailor'  .  In 2015 the Panto was 'Beauty & the Beast' in 2016 'Pinnochio' and in 2017 it will be Dick Whittington.


Students from West Suffolk College sometimes come to school to perform for and work with us.

West Suffolk College performance and workshop March 2017





Recently, we have been involved with the Theatre Royal’s ‘Once Upon a Festival’ initiative. Pupils in all year groups have had the opportunity to watch a performance in school.


The Pied Piper Theatre Company performed their show ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ to Early Years and Year 1 and 2. It was a fantastic event with lots of audience participation and a chance to interview the actors afterwards.

More photos of 'The Lighthouse Keepers' Lunch' 


Children in Year 1 and 2 visited the Theatre Royal to participate in a follow-up workshop, including an opportunity to perform on the stage with lighting and sound effects.

More photos of the Theatre Royal Workshop June 2017


Pupils in Key Stage 2 enjoyed a ‘Junk Orchestra’ performance, exploring story-telling through music and recycling. Follow-up workshops with the Theatre Royal allowed the children to respond to the performance and create some drama of their own.



We organised a Poetry Club for Year 6. Here are the Year 6 pupils composing poems about their achievements.

More photos of Year 6 Poetry Club

We are keen to offer extra-curricular drama activities and are planning a Drama club for Year 5 and 6 children beginning in September 2017. This will be in conjunction with the Theatre Royal.

After School Drama Club starting Sept 2017 flyer

Please contact the Theatre Royal to book your place!



Items from our 'latest news' pages from 2017 & 2018


piper 09

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piper 07

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piper 01

The Piper
The lower Key Stage 2 classes performed 'The Piper' on the evenings
of 27th and 28th March. This musical tells the story of the Pied Piper
of Hamelin. The children did a fantastic job and tickets were sold out
for all performances... March 2018


born in a barn 2017Year 2 were ‘Born in a Barn’
The Year 2 production of 'Born in a Barn' was enjoyed by everyone
last week. The whole of Year 2 (Bumblebee and Caterpillar Classes)
were involved. There was an evening and an afternoon performance,
which were both very well attended.

The story tells the tale of the Nativity from the animals’ point of view.
"There's a good deal of commotion in a Bethlehem stable when the
animals realise that there's a baby in the barn! The cows, sheep, pigs,
cat and cockerel all learn about their special guest from the donkey that
brought the baby along as well as the guests that follow. As more and
more visitors arrive to greet the new king, the animals slowly realise
what a privilege it is to share their home with such an important baby."

Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a success and a big
thank you to all parents for their great support... Dec 2017


dramam club 2

drama club 01Drama Club
Year 5 and Year 6 have been taking part in an after school drama club
run in collaboration with the Theatre Royal.

We, along with two other local schools, are extremely fortunate to be
working with a playright, Shamser Sinha, to develop material which he
will use in his next play: Abebe's Space Rocket.

It is about a 7 year old girl, Abebe, and her 10 year old brother fleeing
from Eritrea and arriving in rural Suffolk, near Bury St Edmunds, as
refugees and living with a foster family. They go to school for the first
time in their lives and Abebe discovers science and space!

The children will get to watch their play being performed in the summer
and may also develop a piece of drama of their own as a response to this play to show to parents later in the year... Nov 2017


dramam workshopYear 5 Drama Workshop
The Theatre Royal came to share their expertise with Year 5 in a drama
workshop. The children looked at ways in which they could tell stories
and act without using words. They used body language and expression.
They also used their bodies to become other objects like a sofa or a horse, the picture shows members of Leopard Class doing a brilliant job of being a horse!…July 2017



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